Seven Steps to Samadhi     Enlightenment. Liberation. Individuation. Just several of the terms used to describe an ultimate goal on the path of self-development. Know the Self. The truth will set you free. As above, so below. Just several of the axioms coined by sages on the path before you. The seven
As long as you harm no other, do what you will! You are a free soul, existing in this life to manifest your destiny in alignment with your will. There is no higher gift that can be given to you but the knowledge of your freedom and the ability to work with that freedom to
Not my will but Thy Will is an axiom that will always hold space in the physical and metaphysical reality. And yet we are invested with intention and will ourselves, too – offspring of the creative force that bore us. This force can be harnessed to great effect. One such effect is the support of
There is good reason why so many of the wisdom traditions have given time to the subject of the power inherent in the Word. The Bible even calls the Word God itself and acknowledges that it is via this Word that the entire creation was manifest. In Japan there is a term ‘kotodama’ meaning ‘spirit
The mystic is an energy artist at heart, employing intention and deploying will in alignment with the greater nature in order to affect creation in alignment with both a personal vision, as well as with full consciousness of the fact that the creation will necessarily be a ‘co-creation’ in accordance with physical law, the laws
  Tantra       The study of Tantra means to locate the God particle in you and wake it up. Not to be confused with the Brahma Yamala Tantra and the early Saiva cult of yoginis which was predominantly a sexuality-oriented ritual art, real Tantra is an all-encompassing path of sacred Nature-devotion. To walk
  Esoteric Psychology     More than just a science of mind, psychology is also a science of soul, and the psyche, as the center of human consciousness, takes on metaphysical import in conjunction with the subjective background of our mental and emotional impulses. The evolution of consciousness, however, is one in which we can
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  Traditional Yoga   In the Sanskrit dictionary, yoga is defined as samadhi. This word means, a state in which the fluctuations of the mind have been tethered and brought under control. The mind no longer makes any modifications to the other layers of being, namely the mental, emotional, physical, to put it simply. By

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