Bhagavad Gita & the Tantrik View

Bhagavad Gita & the Tantrik Perspective    Explore the story of the Bhagavad Gita and its applicability to our daily lives. This class examines the esoteric commentary of the preeminent Tantrik master Abhinavagupta, the sublime poetry of Jnaneshwari, and feel into the paths of Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Jnana Yoga while engaging the various

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Part 1)

    Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras Part I & Bhavana June 2023 Yoga Satsanga (1 hour 10 minutes) In this short, foundational workshop we only begin to touch the timeless wisdom of the sutras, exploring several initial verses, what it means to really feel into the teachings through meditative contemplation known in the tradition as ‘bhavana’,

Energy Leaks and How to Seal Them

  Art by Erik Jacobsen Energy is Potential   The wisdom traditions, in dealing with the entirety of self, also deal with the freeing of that self from the confines of mind-induced story lines which keep it in bondage, by far the most insidious source of energy leakage to afflict a human being.  In this

Summer Health & Healing Challenge

The World Health Organization defines ‘Health’ as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” In the summer of 2023, I hosted a 30-day health and healing challenge for my Facebook mentoring community, Real Awakening, to encourage health and healing in alignment with our personal

Ayurveda: Secrets of Inner Alchemy

Session Four of the Summer 2023 Health & Healing Challenge, this stand-alone module introduces the topic of Ayurveda and how you can apply some of its principles to your daily life. This Lecture Will Cover Ayurveda (Rasa – The Essence of Taste)

Tarot 3.0 (Foundational Level)

A breakthrough TAROT workshop wherein you will learn in just three hours How to Read the Cards, Hone Your Intuition & Higher Senses and Empower Yourself with the Keys to the Mysteries of the Akasha. This Workshop Will Cover

Tarot 4.0 (Intermediate Level)

The Thoth Tarot are the evolution of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. A.E. Waite and Aleister Crowley were brothers in the same occult fraternity known as the Golden Dawn back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The order was dedicated to culling the global wisdom traditions and presenting them to the intelligentsia of Europe, which

A Healing Journey (Four Meditations)

This healing journey, provided in video format and MP3, consists of 4 guided meditations/contemplations designed to empower you with a practical approach to self-healing. Engage these powerful practices on the meditative field all together, or individually. Each meditation will offer you a superior experience of grace and recognition as you feel into the memory of
    Personal Attunement & Introduction to the Energy Body   Do you want to learn what the metaphysical energy really is, how to tune into it, modulate your own personal frequencies, align with Nature and manifest some truly ‘miraculous’ outcomes? Then step into this workshop because it is absolutely foundational to your approach to
    Spiritual Path Foundations: Step One – Relax   What’s my purpose? How can I break through? Do I have dark energy attachments? I’m afraid. What if this awakening causes a psychosis? Where do I start? How do I differentiate between all the teachings out there?   A reader told me this. A mentor

Kundalini: Intro to Classical Practice

    A 40-minute talk and series of guided meditations introducing Kundalini according to the classical wisdom traditions. This talk will provide clarity on the origins of the term, define the concept impeccably, and show you how to engage with this force safely and easily in order to ensure a steady, fulfilling and abiding awakening.

Psychic Self-Defense: Armor of Light

To unlock this technique, you need to appreciate the Origin Story.The Cosmic Romance between Original Source & Force;it’s the key to everything! We will now consciously invoke this HarmonyFully digest the Principles of RealityRe-calibrate and Align our Essential Nature with the Divine.And Learn some Foundational Arts of Energy. In this workshop you will learn: Advanced

Meditation Essentials for Beginners ॐ

  Beginning Meditation The most comprehensive and effective guide to meditation available for beginners online, this bare-bones, professional program covers all of the fundamentals of first-time meditation in perfect detail, defining basic concepts, examining the proper tools to get comfortable and making everything clear from the start to lead the beginner into your first guided

Masterclass The Philosopher’s Stone

This once-in-a-lifetime MASTERCLASS is designed to empower and prepare you for the journey towards a complete synchronization with Nature that will allow you to literally Bend Reality to Your Will. This class covers the Arts of Creation and dives deep into the mindset and practices needed to take advantage of the Tantrik Imagination. You’ll learn