Creative Potential

Living in awakened awareness means recognizing the essential freedom at your core, and a synchronistic alignment with the Creative Intelligence of Life itself.

Bhūta Śuddhi practice diagram by Carmen Richards
Practice Diagram by Carmen Richards
Trika Goddesses
Artwork by Christian de Vietri

Advanced Psychic Self-Defence Workshop

Activating the Light Armor

...means that we understand the dynamics of our energy body, its connection to the universal energy body, and how to fortify that connection by aligning with the natural frequency.


Learn to Activate the Light Armor

Classical Kundalini the tradition of Tantrik Yoga which tells us that there are, in fact, three Kundalinis, each emanating into the human condition, becoming the life force flowing through the channels, and ultimately coming to rest in the heart.

Discover the Real Kundalini

Artwork by Erik Jacobsen

Energy 101

Align & Attune

We live in a universe based on frequencies of potential. How we engage that potential depends on the limitations and capacities that we resonate with, and intentionally engage.

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Engage Your Potential

Energy Leaks & How to Seal Them

The energy body is comprised of several subtle layers, each which may be drained of its life force, either by chronic personal habituation, or external circumstance. 

Seal Your Leaks

Spiritual Practice Fundamentals: Step One

Relax & Repose

If you try to meditate with an overstimulated mind, that mind is only going to rise up and rebel against your efforts. Step one to establishing a spiritual practice that's eventually going to bear fruit is found in the ability to relax.

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Establish a Good Foundation