Classical Tarot & Akashic Reading

Classical Tarot

To Be the Best Version of Yourself


An Akashic reading incorporates Hebrew mysticism, called Qabalah, as well as elements of Buddhism, Animism, Yoga & Tantra.

These traditions each provide maps of our existential being and they tell a story of a process of our soul’s evolution into the physical world, a story of that soul ‘forgetting itself’ in the physical world due to societal/cultural conditioning and education, and finally a story of that desire to remember our nature and a return to original innocence, to God-knowledge and the knowledge of our true selves and the meaning and purpose of life. Enlightenment.

Together we’ll examine 15 cards on the Tree of Life, and speak to the current condition of your Soul. 3 cards will explain your present. 6 more cards will define your options based on the current condition. I don’t divine the future. I read you, but never take away your freedom of choice. 3 more cards will clarify external influences and the final 3 will give you some advice.

This reading style usually takes an hour. We meet on Zoom for a live video call. I record the session and give you a link to the data for you to download and analyze again later.




Tarot 3.0 Workshop

David’s Tarot 3.0 class was the best workshop of all the different “spiritual” classes and Masterclasses that I have taken over the past 8 years. David’s knowledge is amazing and he was able to answer in great detail any question asked during the course. If you want to really learn the Cards, Tarot 3.0 is

Mike Kiser

Akashic Reading

The most clarifying and enlightened tarot card reading I’ve ever experienced. Any previous tarot readings just do not measure up. David’s ability to interpret and flow with the deck is unmatched. He deserves a top tier review category that should be referred to as “Fox status”. Because he is, without a shadow of a doubt,

Timothy Jon McRae

Akashic Reading

A reading with David from beginning to end had me covered in goosebumps. Every. Word. Resonates. Like he has known me for a very long time. The accuracy of it all – words escape me. All my questions (that I did not ask) were all answered. Do you know those ‘aha’ moments? Yes. That. I

Hazel Misagrande

Inquiry Reading

I am blessed by the universe that allowed David and me to cross paths. I have been awake for about a year now. But, I was so afraid of mind manipulation, or someone else predicting my fate that I refused to even talk to anyone about my Awakening. So, until David, I never accepted a

Marilyn Cole