UmaMaYA Courses


Masterclass ֎ The Philosopher’s Stone

Six foundational techniques of purification and empowerment to support and augment your spiritual practice.


Psychic Self-Defense: Armor of Light

The traditional Tantrik practice of donning the light armor. Energy theory & advanced psychic self-defense.


Kundalini 101 with Side Channel Practice

A lecture and series of classical meditations will show you how to engage Kundalini safely and ensure an abiding awakening.


Spiritual Path Basics: Step One – Relax

'Repose' in the yogic tradition. It is at once the starting point, and the place of refuge. The beginner must begin here.


Introduction to Energy: Attune & Align

What is metaphysical energy? Attune, Align, modulate frequency and manifest truly 'miraculous' outcomes.


Meditation Essentials for Beginners ॐ

Guided & unguided, this course gives you everything a beginner needs to establish a consistent practice.