UmaMaYA Courses


Masterclass The Philosopher’s Stone

Six foundational techniques of purification and empowerment to support and augment your spiritual practice.


Tarot 3.0 (Foundational Level)

Tarot learners start here. for deliciously approachable wisdom. Nutritious and powerful meditations.


Tarot 4.0 (Intermediate Level)

Explore the Kabbalistic foundations of the Thoth Tarot. Crowley took Rider-Waite to the next level.


A Healing Journey (Four Meditations)

Four guided meditations to empower you with gentle practices and a practical approach to self-healing.


Introduction to Energy: Attune & Align

What is metaphysical energy? Attune, Align, modulate frequency and manifest truly 'miraculous' outcomes.


Spiritual Path Basics: Step One – Relax

'Repose' in the yogic tradition. It is at once the starting point, and the place of refuge. The beginner must begin here.


Kundalini: Intro to Classical Practice

A lecture and series of classical meditations will show you how to engage Kundalini safely and ensure an abiding awakening.


Psychic Self-Defense: Armor of Light

The traditional Tantrik practice of donning the light armor. Energy theory & advanced psychic self-defense.


Meditation Essentials for Beginners ॐ

Guided & unguided, this course gives you everything a beginner needs to establish a consistent practice.


Energy Leaks and How to Seal Them

Realign with the Power of Autonomy and Remember Your Station. Don't let the life force drain away unnecessarily.


Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Part 1)

Begin your exploration of the timeless wisdom of the Yoga Sutras with this foundational workshop.


Bhagavad Gita & the Tantrik View

Approach the teachings on the battlefield of mind with the full confidence of unity consciousness!


Ayurveda: Secrets of Inner Alchemy

Explore the transformative process of inner alchemy through the eyes of the ancient science of life.

Coming Soon

Health & Healing Challenge

Challenge yourself to reach your personal wellbeing goals.

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