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The Origin Story

The sages say that in the beginning, Creation was begotten upon waves of light and sound, through vehicles of letter, number and Word. Two mystics carry forward the legacy. From David Fox, founder of UmaMaYA, and Ingmar Nieuwold, founder of Art of Spanda, comes a collection of illuminating guided meditations designed to take you to the center of Self, and rejuvenate and empower you with a deep recognition of Source and an abiding awareness of your limitless potential.

Incinerating the Storyline
Deha Shuddi

Incinerating the Storyline

Deha Shudi

Ego Death, or rather, ego re-training, because ego is not the enemy - habituation is. Complacency and laziness are. Releasing the Self-image and rebuilding a new story, a more skillful story of freedom, according to a design of your intentional making requires you to get the ego under your conscious control, release years of cultural programming and take back your autonomy. *WARNING: This meditation may not be suitable for people with deeply-seated trauma or who may be prone to disassociation.

Deha Shuddi
Incinerating the Storyline
(Releasing the Self-Image)

Set against a backdrop of traditional instruments like tanpura, cittern and geomantic percussion, the 4hz rhythm of the cittern brings you to the edge of a theta brainwave state, lulling you there while you follow the guidance and burn away all that unneeded accumulated nonsense, while the deep soothing hum of 55hz drops you into a gamma wave state where you are able to resonate with a new harmonic and rebuild yourself in your image.

Bhutta Shudhi
Bhutta Shudhi

Recalibrating the 5 Elements in the body

Bhutta Shudhi

The One manifests as the energy of the Universe, evolving into the existence of consciousness, becoming the 5 Great Elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and space that will ultimately culminate in the experience of embodiment - the human condition. Let this meditation help you to recalibrate those elements and balance your essence nature.

Bhutta Shuddi
Harmonizing the Elements
(Isochronic | Solfeggio)

Raw and vulnerable, Isochronic beats and Solfeggio frequency coax you safely into the embrace of the Goddess, encouraging a deep, relaxed and meditative state. Harmonizing pulse and cadence resonates with Ajna chakra at the 3rd eye help to awaken intuition, establish presence and balance the emotions, reconnecting you with the Earth, the Cosmic Mother and ground you in Oneness.

Elixir of Life
Elixir of Life Sample

Logos & the Primordial pulse (5hz Binaural)

The Elixir of Life

The meaning & personal purpose of life is found in the Recognition of Freedom, and the Expression of Innocence at the heart of the vision of what you Love. Let the words of this powerful, 30-minute meditation guide you back to a recollection of your freedom and a recognition of your essential nature.

Elixir of Life (5hz Binaural)

Use headphones to achieve the best results. Binaural rhythms offer different frequencies into each ear, merging into one rhythm gently coaxing you into theta brainwave pattern and deep meditative state. The music is tuned in C/G - the perfect fifth - for a deeply balancing sound healing experience, while the mystical overtones of the monochord, the healing bowls and harmonious chanting take you into the spirit realm and all conspire together to activate your heart.

Wu Wei
Wu Wei Sample

The Hidden Mystery (Schuman Resonance)

Wu Wei

Effortlessness aligns with spontaneity in this free-flowing delivery of the Tao. The 20-minute meditation emerges into being unhindered as the voice of your guide is carried to you on a heartbeat and gentle stream, leading the mind to harmony without force.

Wu Wei (Schuman Resonance)

A random ensemble of singing bowls are played like percussion instruments, with no particular tuning or melody, slowly fall like raindrops to align in a C-major chord perfectly in harmony with the ambience of this spontaneous structure. Unable to grasp the melody with the mind, it gently guides the attention of the listener, leading the mind to a harmonic, organized and aligned state, without any force or pressure... effortless and flowingly. Wu Wei

Clearing Ancestral Karma
Ancestral Karma

Maha mrytunjaya Mantra

Clearing Ancestral Karma

In this very powerful guided meditation I introduce you to the practices of creating the ancestor mandala and the blessing mandala, showing you how to invite the energy of the guardians of the universe to flow through you so that you become a conduit of the highest healing energy and are able to send that to every ancestor thereby healing your line and freeing yourself and the next generations from ancestral karma.

Clearing Ancestral Karma (Tanpura in C-scale)

From awakened awareness you will receive the energetic transmission of Mahā-mrtyuñ-jaya, the Great Death Conquering Mantra. Practice the pronunciation and you will learn to chant the mantra and increase the efficacy of your practice. Mantra: oṃ tryaṃ-bakaṃ yajā-mahe sugan-dhiṃ puṣṭi-var-dhanam urvā-ruka-miva ban-dhanān mṛtyor muk-ṣīya mā’mṛtāt

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