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In the meantime, enjoy one of the Baba's discourses as well as this very basic guide to first time meditation.

Meditation Primers

Your First Meditation

This is a detailed tutorial for someone who's never meditated before.
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Meditation 101

This tutorial contains pro tips on how to get yourself into a comfortable state of meditation quickly and easily, in your own home or anyplace else that is good for you.

Challenges to Meditation

The second part in the Beginner's Meditation Series looks at common challenges of adopting a meditation routine into your daily life.
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What Are Your Challenges?

Know the goal, work towards the outcome, measure results; it's the same for all activities, right?

Swamy Vinayagananda, Aghori Baba

Babaji talks to a group of travelers in Japan about Life and the Nature of Man and God.