Loving devotion (bhakti) doesn’t mean falling at the feet of the all-powerful Lord. It means Cultivating the Awareness of the Oneness of the Essence-nature of All Things and Beings.”

Vijnana Bhairava Tantra v.121 Śivopādhyāya

Classical Yoga

Ashtangha Yoga

The Yoga Sutras

This time-honored, foundational system of psycho-physical, life-path practices, developed by the sage Patanjali in the 2nd century C.E., is the basis for all studio yoga flows and Yoga Instructor Training Programs. The Yoga Sutras offer an 8-limbed approach to nourishing the body-mind-soul connection to help you abide in a state of total well-being. More than a single-minded focus on transcendence, Ashtangha Yoga encourages total integration of the embodied experience.

Yoga Satsanga

Discover the luminous tradition of the yoga sutras in this foundational workshop.
Feel the Sutra

Shiva & Shakti | Śākta-Śaiva Tantra


Shaktipata, that life-altering, psycho-physical event often referred to as the Kundalini Awakening, is just the beginning. In the 8th century C.E., in the Kaula Trika lineage of classical Tantrik Yoga, a text called The Doctrine of the Perfected Goddesses of Yoga referred to Kundalini as 'the womb of the universe'. She is the Primary Source of the Three Shaktis - the powers of Will, Knowledge & Activity and She is the Progenitor of the Word.

Kundalini 101

The Tantrik sages taught of 2 Kundalinis, an upper and a lower, ascending and descending, and meeting in the heart.

Raja Yoga

The Bhagavad Gita

One of the most influential scriptures in Yogic philosophy, the Gita tells the story of an epic war fought on the Battlefield of mind. Lord Krishna imparts the Laws of Dharma to Arjuna who, on the Way to Self-mastery, gradually comes to reconcile the experiences of embodiment and transcendence through a poetic and sublime synthesis of Karma (action) Yoga, Bhakti (devotion) Yoga and Jnana (knowledge) Yoga.

Yoga Satsanga

Explore the non-dual perspective on the Bhagavad Gita and engage the practices of the classical tradition.
Cry Freedom

the divine light of awareness


We can never 'not' be in the present moment; here and now is the only place we can ever be. So what is a practice of 'mindfulness in the present moment? Being fully present means to give full attention to the totality of our experience, in the moment. That all-encompassing attention is Meditation, as opposed to the more focused exercises like breath or visualization. Meditation asks us to be more honest and present with the whole of our experience, to recognize and reconcile our embodiment with our transcendent nature.

Nyasa & Deity Yoga

Chakra Activation

The chakra system functions as an approach to the art of locating the divinity inside one’s own body. By intentionally installing mantras and deity-energies at specific points of the subtle body, we come to recall that we are already that which we are seeking, the God, or Original Source of our Being. The challenge to recognition is called 'Samskara', the impressions which veil themselves over our minds to hide this original knowledge of our Divinity, original innocence and true freedom.

What is true? Do I want to know? Or am I happy to believe my thoughts? How do I know these thoughts to be true? Is there any deception at all in my mental representation of reality? Thoughts are not the problem; they may be useful, or useless tools. But freeing oneself from the blind belief in thoughts is the first step to sweet release from the enslavement of mind, and the freedom to live in alignment with your essential nature which is, of course, beyond words.

Atma Vichara (Self-Inquiry)

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