Ayurveda Inner Alchemy


Explore some of the transformative principles of Ayurveda like the essence of taste and the catalysts needed for brewing your alchemical elixirs.


Session 4 of the Summer 2023 Health & Healing Challenge, this stand-alone module is perfect if you want to discover the transformative magic of Ayurveda and how you might apply some of the principles to your own life.

This lecture covers:

  • Essence of Taste, Stability & Flow, Endings & Beginnings, Perspective & Discernment, Water & Elemental Interactions
  • Good Space, the Flow of Energy, Six Tastes, The Nourishing Sweet
  • Rasa (The Essence of Taste), Conceptual Reality, The Essence of Vitality, Emotional Digestion, Glands and Circulation, Devotion, Inner Alchemy and Transformation, Bhavana
  • Brewing the Elixir of Life, the Great Catalyst, Discrimination – Tasting with the Eyes, Disease and Toxicity
  • Rejuvenation & Rasayana
  • Q/A


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