Tarot 3.0 (Beginner Level)


Completely approachable content for the beginner. This is absolutely the first place a beginner on the path of Tarot wants to stop first.

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If you’ve just started with the cards then THIS is the workshop for you! 3 hours of deep diving into the mysteries and the practicalities of Tarot reading. Plenty of time for Q&A and practice. Super special intuition-development techniques shared.
If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to read your own cards, now’s your chance. Join me for an awesome 3-hour intensive workshop guaranteed to blow the lid off the myths and provide you with an education that might otherwise take you months, or even years to gain by yourself.

This Workshop Will Cover:

The Basics

Hour 1

  • Crafting Questions
  • The 9 Rules of Reading
  • Choosing Decks
  • Care & Ritual
  • The Significator
  • Textbook Interpretations
  • Developing Intuition 101
  • Simple Spreads

The Foundation

Hour 2

  • Tarot Gazing
  • The Tarot Journal
  • Reading the Cards: Oracle & Tarot
  • Meditations for Intuition
  • Complex Spreads

Esoteric Practices

Hour 3

  • Kabbalah & The Tree of Life
  • Advanced Intuition Practice
  • The Golden Dawn (Thoth-Crowley) Spread
  • Q & A



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