Masterclass | Steel & Stone: Six Techniques of Purification & Empowerment

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Mystic Techniques of Purification & Empowerment Basic Access

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Mystic Techniques of Purification & Empowerment to Support Your Spiritual Journey


This once-in-a-lifetime MASTERCLASS is designed to empower and prepare you for the journey towards a complete synchronization with Nature that will allow you to literally Bend Reality to Your Will. This class covers the Arts of Creation and dives deep into the mindset and practices needed to take advantage of the Tantrik Imagination. You’ll learn how to purify and prepare your body and mind for the tasks ahead, enabling yourself to approach the Great Work of Consciousness Development with steady and intentional precision. These modules are like having a trusted friend on the journey with you – one who has walked the path before you and knows where the pitfalls are, as well as the shortcuts and practices that will allow you to take full advantage not only of your own innate skillsets, but also of the maps and guideposts that sages throughout time have left for you to follow.

For your convenience, we’ve provided a basic access option which allows you to view the entire masterclass on our platform anytime you like, and a premium access option that gives you transcripts and a choice to download the video for viewing offline on the platform of your choice. Follow this link for the full masterclass description.

2 reviews for Masterclass | Steel & Stone: Six Techniques of Purification & Empowerment

  1. Cynthia Buter (verified owner)

    After years of self-exploration and transforming my life, I can proudly say that I’m very happy where I am today! Proud of how far I’ve come and proud of how I was able to encounter my Karma and how I was able to transform myself from the inside out. Meeting David Fox was part of it and it gave me the last push in the right direction. I have never felt so much joy and love in my life as I do right now, aligned with nature and the universe. I feel blissful and fulfilled on a top-level.

    On my way to finishing the Masterclass Steel & Stone, I am simply amazed how this last push has further shaped my view on life and its nature. Visions have never been this clear, and they’re clearly trying to tell me something; little by little I can figure out what it is! The Masterclass has really touched me up with what I was already possessing and able to do.

    It’s amazing to see how I change every year! This journey took me around 10 years and it’s not something you can easily change in a day or a few weeks! Take time to assess yourself, to self-explore, and to self-question. The Steel & Stone teachings took me almost half a year, simply due to the fact I had to observe various things in-depth, before proceeding. I still have many things that I want to explore and do.

    Anyone who has the will to change can change! Never underestimate the power of the mind or nature. We simply have to dust off our “eye” to see clearly what we want to see. Everyone has their own beautiful way of expressing and encountering it. There’s no right or left. There’s no this or that. We all have our own beliefs, callings, and our own missions. May we continue to support each other. I hope to continue to be a part of the Real Yoga community and to proudly continue in the tradition of David’s legacy! -Cynthia-

  2. Brooke Iwinski (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting to write this review until after I complete all the lessons in Steel & Stone, however, I’ve realized that I will never finish. There is no completion on the spiritual path, only growth, expansion, purification and empowerment. The course itself is only 2 1/2 hours of lessons, but the content will last for a lifetime. Don’t rush. I tried that, it doesn’t work. The slower you go and the more you meditate on each lesson, the more empowered and purified you will become. With patience and dedication, you will find crystal clear clarity and unbridled power within yourself. Trying to get somewhere on the spiritual path will cease to matter because the universe starts to deliver to you exactly what you want! Like magic! David offers support throughout the course and I have utilized his professional coaching services. He is a superb mentor and coach who oozes integrity. He never disappoints.
    “The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.” ~Alexandra K.Trenfor
    David is this kind of teacher and his Masterclass holds powerful tools to help you reach your goals and master your destiny, as is his Masterclass. Creme de la creme! I am eternally grateful that we crossed paths.

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