Steel & Stone Masterclass Premium Upgrade


Full access to program transcripts, video downloads and slides.

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Mystic Techniques of Purification & Empowerment to Support Your Spiritual Journey

Premium Upgrade

(Requires Purchase of Basic Access)

This once-in-a-lifetime MASTERCLASS is designed to empower and prepare you for the journey towards a complete synchronization with Nature that will allow you to literally Bend Reality to Your Will. This class covers the Arts of Creation and dives deep into the mindset and practices needed to take advantage of the Tantrik Imagination. You’ll learn how to purify and prepare your body and mind for the tasks ahead, enabling yourself to approach the Great Work of Consciousness Development with steady and intentional precision. These modules are like having a trusted friend on the journey with you – one who has walked the path before you and knows where the pitfalls are, as well as the shortcuts and practices that will allow you to take full advantage not only of your own innate skillsets, but also of the maps and guideposts that sages throughout time have left for you to follow.

*In addition to all the benefits included with Basic Access, this upgrade gives you access to full program transcripts, video download and all slides. 


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