Mystic Techniques of Purification & Empowerment to Support Your Spiritual Journey

Created by David Fox

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What You’ll Learn

Implementation: Learn how to Take Action & Create Real Momentum for Manifestation!

Psychology: Discover the Steel Mindset needed to Access the Philosopher’s Stone.

Awareness: Purposefully Align with Synchronicity and Make It Work For You!

Discernment: Demystify Magic and Distinguish Myth from Incredible Human Potential.

Energy: Understand and Put the Energy Arts to Practical Use For Yourself & Others.

Clarity: Realign With Your Personal Vision and Create Actionable Steps to Realize it.

Co-operation: Discover the Truth About Co-Creation With the Universe.

Resilience: Overcome Challenges and Tap Into All of Your Innate Resources.

Sadhana: Mystic Techniques of Purification & Empowerment.

Ritual: Learn to Model the Metaphysical For Instantaneous Response in the Physical.

And So Much More!

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This masterclass is for people already established on the path of mystic arts, and for the novice of exceedingly high potential and/or deepest intuitive faith.


Mystics of every tradition are defined by several prominent qualities. These include an abundance of love and wisdom, a level of health that keeps them young of body and soul, and a strength of mind and will that allows them to engage with the higher metaphysical mysteries and make a lasting impact on the world. In this program, I’ll share with you six techniques from the mystic path that are guaranteed to empower and enable you for the great work of spiritual development. This once-in-a-lifetime MASTERCLASS is designed to prepare you for conscious individuation and the journey towards a complete synchronization with Nature that will allow you to literally Bend Reality to Your Will

This program covers the arts of creation and dives deep into the mindset and practices needed to take advantage of the Tantrik Imagination. You’ll learn how to purify and prepare your body and mind for the tasks ahead, enabling yourself to approach the Great Work of Consciousness Development with steady and intentional precision. These modules are like having a trusted friend on the journey with you – one who has walked the path before you and knows where the pitfalls are, as well as the shortcuts and practices that will allow you to take full advantage not only of your own innate skillsets, but also of the maps and guideposts that sages throughout time have left for you to follow.

Course Content

9 Lectures | 2h 20m Total Length

Learn a new way of observing your connection with Nature. In this introduction you’ll meet me and the master who trained me for two decades in the mystic arts. Understand where mysticism meets science and clarify the psychology needed to correlate the two fields. In this 30-minute segment you’ll get an outline and design of the lessons to come and clarity on what you can do with all that if you immediately set to implementing what you learn. I’ll talk about the philosopher’s stone and introduce you to your innate potential, warming you up for the powerful lessons to come. We’ll look at the concept of Kundalini and immediately set to clarifying some myths and establishing clear understanding about this concept according to the sages who first coined the term. And we’ll immediately begin to help you start sorting the wheat from the chafe and even de-mystify and bring to light some of the most important wisdom of the ancient traditions.

Get the tools needed to develop clarity of vision. Learn the importance of having a mission and how to get the momentum needed to sustain your drive in the act of creation. Come to terms with your potential. Recognize and accept your innate abilities, and even your responsibility, to take your freedom in hand and create your destiny instead of being passively pushed along your way. Learn the two definitive truths that will help you summon all the energy you need to manifest precisely all that you are after and watch your path unfold before you.

Synchronicity is so much more than co-incidence. It is co-operation! On the Path of Mastery we become conscious operators in the plays of our lives and learn to communicate with Nature and find support and empowerment on our way. Learning to read the signs of synchronicity correctly, and make lucid determinations based on physical and natural laws, enables you to confirm alignment with the Will of Nature, a prerequisite for the successful outcome of any mystical or magical operation.

Book learning and passive listening to video discourse is not enough. You yourself need to develop the steel will necessary to unlock the secrets of the stone. In this lesson I’ll talk about the pillars of an empowered mindset and the challenges to developing that mindset as well as the one big obstacle that stops everybody in their tracks and pushes you off the path to mastery, often before you even get started. I’ll show you how to deal with the challenges and offer sound guidance on how to overcome the number one hurdle standing in your way.

One of the most misunderstood phenomenon in the New enlightened Age of spiritual endeavor, Kundalini is an Indian concept. A Sanskrit word. A construct of consciousness and awareness developed through a purified vehicle, with real and verifiable signs of enlightenment. In this lesson we will look at the construct of the chakras and what they mean, learning further what it means to cleanse and awaken. Correlating the mystic with the scientific, you will get grounded in physiology and the ancient, traditional approach to the raising of spiritual energy and learn to recognize some of the signs of true awakening. We’ll cover some of the basic yogic sadhana and kriya to help cleanse the paths and you’ll discover the hidden secrets behind these practices – things they never tell you at the retreats.

Purification and cleansing begins in the body, proceeds to the mind, emotions and more subtle sheaths of being. The process of detoxification is not quick and easy like running gallons of juice through your innards and cleaning out all the gunk accumulated over years. Rather it is a slow and gentle process filled with great joy and clarity. It is an empowering process in itself, enacted over all dimensions of being simultaneously, actually beginning with the mindset necessary to carry on with the fast. In this lesson we’ll take a look at one of the most empowering and clarifying exercises in the purification process – the ritual fast. I’ll talk you through my own process and encourage you through your own, safely and with the strictest adherence to common sense, in order to enable in you a direct experience of the Steel and take you one step closer to the Stone.

If you are able to take action on the techniques shared with you in the first five lessons, over time, you will find yourself enabled to put to practical and effective use this last lesson in Tantrik Imagination and literally create yourself according to your vision and manifest according to your dream. The Tantrik imagination is not a bunch of spiritual wishful thinking, but rather one of the most potent techniques of binding your will to an idea and turning it into physical reality.

Seven Steps to Samadhi takes you all the way to The Goal and covers every aspect of the Great Work along the way. This segment of the masterclass will give you a solid introduction to the curriculum of the signature program, highlighting the path we will cover together as we delve into topics as diverse as the multi-faceted schools of Yoga, Advaita, Kabbalah, Transpersonal Psychology, real Jungian shadow work and more. In this program, East meets West and the bridge travels through the mists of Avalon taking us on a journey through time to learn the techniques of the mystics on the path of mastery, as well as how modern technology and insight continues to guide our development. The best of all worlds converge when art meets science and the elements merge in healthy harmony. Seven Steps to Samadhi takes you to the pinnacles of awareness and guides you through the secrets of the masters, empowering you on your way to mastery.

A simple FAQ covering some of the more commonly asked questions during the live webinar or sent in by mail. By no means a definitive list and so I welcome new questions all the time, but these were culled because of the frequency with which they arise and may aid you, too, going forward.


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