Guided Meditation

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Freedom at Source

From David Fox, founder of UmaMaYA, and Ingmar Nieuwold, musician, sound-healer and founder of Art of Spanda (listen right for a sample performance of the Cathar classic 'Lo Boier') comes a mystically illuminating guided meditation designed to take you to the heart of freedom and empower you with a deep recognition of the light of Source and an abiding awareness of your limitless potential.

Elixir of Life
Elixir of Life Sample

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The Elixir of Life

The meaning & personal purpose of life is found in the RECOGNITION OF FREEDOM, and the expression of Innocence at the heart of the vision of what you Love. Let the words of this powerful, 30-minute meditation guide you back to a recollection of your freedom and a recognition of your essential nature.

5hz Binaural Frequency

Using headphones to achieve the best results, the binaural rhythms will offer different frequencies into each ear to merge into one rhythm in the brain gently coaxing you into a theta brainwave pattern and deep meditative state. The music is tuned in C/G - the perfect fifth - for a deeply balancing sound healing experience, while the mystical overtones of the monochord, the healing bowls and harmonious chanting take you into the spirit realm and all conspire together to activate your heart.

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Steel & Stone

Master the arts of creation & manifestation. Purify the mind and body to allow Kundalini to rise safely. Re-synchronize with Nature and access the Philosopher’s Stone.


Guided Meditation

Elixir of Life

The Power of Now & Awareness of Freedom at your Core are awakened through the mystical tones of the Heart Chakra Frequency and the Magic in Words of High Purpose.  (30 Minutes)


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The Rainbow Sutra

The wisdom traditions have been translated, but how do you know which translation to trust? Learn impeccable discrimination and approach the traditions with confidence.


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