Kick Off

Welcome to the challenge! It’s almost official. You’re almost committed. Listen to the kick-off session and let’s get into it. There are some time stamps under the video player for reference.

Time Stamps

00:00.000 –> 00:01.56

Real Healing, Engaging the Whole Psycho-Physical Vehicle, Habituation, Call to Action

00:01.56 –> 00:04.29

Motivation, Process vs Results Orientation, Past Experience vs Presence, Mind Obstacles, Habituation, True Motive

00:04.29 –> 00:08.40

Exploring the Veracity of Your Goals, Deep Diving the Dimensions (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual) Activity: 7 Levels Deep

00:08.40 –> 00:15.35

Pure Motive and the Yogic Tradition, Integral Pillars of Pure Motive (Love, Truth, Altruism), Shifting Perspective: Empowerment vs Disempowerment, Perspective Prayer

00:15.35 –> 00:25.25

Blessing Mandala (Guided Meditation)

7-Levels Deep Print this document if you'd like to formalize the exercise, or just copy the format onto your own paper.