Seven Steps to Samadhi Steps 1-7 The Complete Program


Empowered, Enabled & Free to Create Your Destiny.



Enlightenment. Liberation. Individuation. Just several of the terms used to describe an ultimate goal on the path of self-development. Know the Self. The truth will set you free. As above, so below. Just several of the axioms coined by sages on the path before you.

The seven steps on the Path to Samadhi reveals the entire map of mind and spirit, allowing you to navigate with confidence the existential dimensions in which we live. These stepping stones bring you to precise points of wisdom on your spiritual journey and present you with choices on how you want to create your life and destiny. The ultimate goal, the wisdom of Buddha, might not be what you have in mind; perhaps you seek to make an impact on world peace. Or maybe you seek simpler achievements like abundance and prosperity for your family, personal peace of mind, esoteric challenges and psychic adventure. Your imagination literally cannot yet fathom what awaits you on the Path of Samadhi.

The very first step in the process requires that you get grounded in meditation. The ability to journey at will into the depths of Self and traverse the vast breadth of dynamic mind is one of the integral pillars of your practice, and so this module comes first, followed by a thorough examination of the arts and sciences of traditional yoga. Yoga is much more than body exercises and postures, but rather a key practice and understanding of mankind’s fundamental connection with the Nature that produced us, and a curriculum of spiritual practice designed to keep us in synch with that creative and preserving force.

Esoteric Psychology builds on the precision of the mind maps of yoga, taking you on an analytical and creative journey of transpersonal discovery and empowering you with solid tools and resources for the path ahead where in the lessons of Tantra and the Kriya Sadhana you will further consciously apply an array of techniques designed to unlock the three key knots of consciousness that keep the Kundalini energy from fully expressing its potential.

In Module 4 you will learn to apply the energy arts to conscious operations, according to your own design, and witness the support of the synchronistic universe as the two wills begin to align to perfection, and in Module 5 you will finally understand the very real power inherent in each and every word you think, much less speak.  Module 6 will now give you the tools to go out into the world and create impact, enabling your body and mind with joy, vigor, resilience and strength for the work of service to humanity. Of course you can keep it all for yourself and your family, too, but at this point, you’ll more than likely be of the mind to share. And then, in Module 7 you will understand what manifestation really means. From your position of balance, steady in the center, able to traverse every dimension and direction and converse with every intelligence and wield the inter-dimensional energies to conscious purpose, you will be faced with an ultimate choice and decision.


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