Masterclass Introduction

Learn a new way of observing your connection with Nature. In this introduction you’ll meet me and the master who trained me for two decades in the mystic arts. Understand where mysticism meets science and clarify the psychology needed to correlate the two fields. In this 30-minute segment you’ll get an outline and design of the lessons to come and clarity on what you can do with all that if you immediately set to implementing what you learn. I’ll talk about the philosopher’s stone and introduce you to your innate potential, warming you up for the powerful lessons to come. We’ll look at the concept of Kundalini and immediately set to clarifying some myths and establishing clear understanding about this concept according to the sages who first coined the term. And we’ll immediately begin to help you start sorting the wheat from the chafe, de-mystifying and bringing to light some of the most important wisdom of the ancient traditions.

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