Advanced Psychic Self Defense

Activating the Light Armor

To unlock the potential of this technique, you need to appreciate the Origin Story.

The Cosmic Romance between Source & Force; it’s the key to everything.

Source – unbounded, unimaginable, infinite Light

Knowingly, Willfully, & Actively creates limitation and capacity in order to Become.

That Beginning. That Original Impulse to Life , is the birth of Goddess.

One becomes Two.

She Knows Him and becomes His Will. She Acts accordingly. Creation ensues.

In Three Forms the Goddess Manifests as Energy.

Creating. Preserving. Destroying.

Life flows through subtle layer after subtle layer of reality.

The Divine manifesting as the Essential Harmonies of the Universe,

Evolving into the Physical Elements,

Culminating in the Embodiment of Consciousness.

The Human Being.

We will now consciously invoke these Harmonies,

Fully digest these Principles of Reality

Re-calibrate and Align our Essential Nature with the Divine. And Learn some Foundational Arts of Energy.

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