Spiritual Energy

Advanced Psychic Self-Defense

Kavacha (Armor of Light)


Embodied Consciousness

Classical Energy Arts

Your essential nature is an energetic core of freedom and innocence aligned with life itself. MODULE ONE of the ENERGY ARTS program orients you to a view of reality that lays the foundation for vibrant health and pristine awareness.

Layers of Consciousness

Sheaths of Being

Reconcile the 3D on a path of ascension by addressing the individual layers of the human condition. MODULE TWO introduces life practices to purify and strengthen the multiple layers of being.

Harmony Through Self-Care

Organic Ayurveda

We believe well-being should be accessible for all and that self-care doesn't look the same for everyone. That's why we've selected the finest organic ayurvedics to support your health.

Our Services

Visit us in Japan or connect with us globally online.

Life Coaching

We partner with you to offer purpose and results driven personalized coaching that holds you accountable for your choices and karma, while assisting you to develop the momentum that you need to take ownership of your freedom to create a life in alignment with your vision of joy.

Integral Yoga

Yoga Therapy & Holistic Counseling

Online Self-Paced Programs

Pre-recorded self-care, higher learning & self-mastery programs for home study.

Energy Work

Discover the classical Source techniques of Kundalini & Rei-Ki safely, practically, and healthily.

Classical Tarot & Akashic Reading

Card reading aligned with the mystical Qabalah to support the best version of yourself.

Classical Tarot Workshops

An elegant workshop that demystifies and makes the Tarot easily approachable.

Next Level Self-Development


Steel & Stone Masterclass

Purification & empowerment techniques to give you the steel mindset, health and connection for greater spiritual work.



Beginner's Meditation

Foundational to every spiritual practice, this  program covers all the fundamentals to help you establish a steady practice



Beginner's Tarot Workshop

A 3-hour deep dive into the tarot that will bring you amazing clarity while attuning your intuition and answering all your questions.


About Us

Who we are, where we came from, what we do and why we do it – meet David and Kaoru and get a little back story on our journey and why we’ve turned our lives into a legacy project to serve the global community.


What the Community is Saying

Read. Watch. Connect.

Mystical, Sublime & Utterly Normal 

Our Shop

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Jülcha at Merak

Oil on Canvas 50" x 60"


My name is Steve McCurry, I’m a Photographer.

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Sound Healing
Touch the Primal Pulse and explore how the mystical world of Rhythm, Tone and Frequency can support your Spiritual Journey.
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A Little About Me

Every wedding day moment looks away thousands untold emotions
memories video capture your unique style

My Latest Book

"Navigate the Tapestry of Existence.

Embark on a Transformative Journey into the Heart of Spiritual Wisdom.

'Real Spirit Guides' unveils and illuminates the timeless insights of ancient wisdom traditions, exploring the profound significance of the Akasha, Kabbalah, Alchemy, Synchronicity and the Art of Channeling.

With a blend of humor and profound insight, this book offers readers a unique perspective on our profound connection with the universal intelligence that weaves through all of creation.