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Mastery Triad

The Meaning of Your Expression


Life unfolds according to the language of intention and action; hence understanding and influencing your triad of conscious expression is the first step toward bringing life into alignment with your dreams. When you can observe and influence your thoughts, control your word, and choose your act, this state of resourcefulness lends positive power to your decisions and helps you reach your highest potential.



“Where focus goes, energy flows”. That’s how master coach Tony Robins describes the power of intention. In other words, consciousness, channeled by thought, will literally create the reality around you. With this simple truth it becomes plain to see why it is so important to place your focus on what you really want to say and what you really want to achieve – what you really want to be!  The sages say that withholding judgment altogether is actually the prescription for ultimate happiness and the proverbial enlightenment, but here in the mortal realm of desire and ambition, a shift in your focus to that place where you actually want to go will provide the body just the push it needs to move it in the right direction.


Language comes in many forms, and words are one of the most powerful. The words you use inside your mind, when you focus, create the foundation of your physical reality. The words you utter from your mouth influence the generation of that reality. How do you shape your word? Are you proactive or passive? Positive or negative? Descriptive or dull? Curious or unconcerned? What kinds of questions are you asking of your Self, and of the universe around you? For the answers only manifest when the questions are asked. That is the power of the Word! Your language patterns play a significant role in your observation of a situation—and the perception that observation creates in you is also the perception that you will create in others through your communication. How can you shift to a more empowering state and create more meaningful language?


Walking the talk is what it all comes down to. Life is created by motion, and while the right talk is not exactly cheap, walking the talk is not always easy either.  More than simply consciously acting out intention, how you use your body also aligns directly with the art and science of communication. What does slumping your shoulders, leaning your head forward and arching your back communicate to yourself and others? How about direct eye contact or the avoidance of it? What do you tell yourself when you are breathing fully and comfortably as opposed to the shallow breaths characteristic of the overly stressed or completely unconscious? Micro-gestures and macro-movements are all part of the bigger package of motion. Through training,  we are able to bring the entire triad into alignment with conscious intention, enabling stronger decision-making and  a sense of certainty that only  masters of life can truly appreciate and enjoy.


Your Training Program

Training Programs

When we  develop a training for you, the first priority is to identify your motivation, goals and needs. We then specifically tailor a program for you and implement it at a mutually agreed upon training facility. Much more than a simple one-time seminar, however, mastery training implies work; a commitment to full participation in the process is a must. There’s homework, O.J.T. and long-term stretch assignments. Skills are continually evaluated, targets reevaluated and course content tweaked on the way to achieving your goal. When you take responsibility for your own development by constantly assessing your motivation and setting goals according to your real needs, learning to capitalize on your strengths while overcoming your weaknesses, you experience a personal transformation guaranteed to help you achieve the success you want.

The-Success-CycleThis is your invitation to Mastery. Our programs, designed for individuals, small and large group environments because Conscious Communication Skills and Conscious Leadership Skills are in demand by industry and academic professionals alike. Research teams, business leaders, managers and students can all benefit from mastering Consciousness Expression. And whether a program is designed for private or group practice, every training has one thing in common – Vision >> Action >> Results. The programs developed by UmaMaYA make use of the finest skills and strategies that both modern experts and ancient wisdom has to offer as well as  cutting edge technology that delivers the real results you expect. What is your own vision for your career and your life? We’ll help you express it!

 A lesson in language patterns is a lesson in total life and career performance. Contact one of our professional coaching consultants now for a free 30-minute strategy session. Program content is adjusted to the real-life goals of the student, so be prepared to share and together let’s create a plan of action that will help take you to where you want to be. Click the image to get in touch with us now!


Conscious Communication Modules

Spoken Master

  • Discourse
  • Conversation
  • Debate
  • Public Speaking
  • Oratory & Humor
Professional Master

  • Executive Coaching
  • Presentation
  • Leadership
  • Action Planning
  • Project Mgmt.
Listening Master

  • Critical Listening
  • Discrimination
  • Comprehension
  • Dialogue
  • Therapeutic
Written Master

  • Professional
  • Literary
  • Academic
 Master of Words

  • Words & Register
  • Gesture
  • Voice & Tone
  • NLP
  • Congruency
Master of Influence: This module takes us into the Conscious Leadership series of programs.

  • State of Mind
  • Persuasion Science
  • Engage, Enroll, Compel
  • Building Rapport


Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.
-Lao Tzu


Conscious Expressions Program Outlines