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Self-Expression is as much a Science as it is an Art.

Therefore, the need for training on the various paths of this discipline takes on paramount importance when faced with the ever-growing challenges of a modern lifestyle. Uma Maheshwar Yoga & Ayurveda Ashram recognizes that we all express ourselves according to our own needs, desires, inclinations and proclivities. With this in mind, we have developed powerful and insightful programs combining ancient wisdom with cutting edge technology enabling you to discover, balance and express yourself on a variety of levels. When body, mind and soul are in alignment, life’s abundance is most easily channeled. To facilitate this alignment, UmaMaYA presents you with some practical and time/cost-effective options that take into consideration every level of the human condition, development and evolution.

The UmaMaYA Curriculum of Wellness is a Triad of disciplines.

Each discipline in the triad complements the other, and each may be practiced individually or in tandem with another program. Programs are created and conducted on a per needs basis, for private sessions as well as for small and large groups. Primarily based in Japan, our coaches, trainers, therapists and counselors Mind-Body-Spirit-Wellness12facilitate programs in greater Kanagawa and Kyushu regions,  as well as travel on-site to client’s homes and offices all around the country. Some sessions are even available via Skype! Below you can see a listing of some of the program services available in Japan. For information regarding wellness training, conscious self-expression training and business coaching in mainland China or Brazil, feel free to drop us a note.


1.  Conscious Communication

At the heart of communication is one’s personal vision;  expressing that vision, some would say, is the entire meaning of life itself!  The path of words mastery is like a quest to discover and develop personal potential. Communication is a science. There are many principles, rules, skills and environments involved with communication between people. Communication is an art. Self-expression depends on the individual. Your  personality governs your communication style. Understanding communication to be an art and a science at the same time, students of language, and communication in general, are free to grow, master and employ new skills sets, while simultaneously acknowledging their inner powers of flexibility and freedom of character. Empower yourself with the focus, training and accountability you need to achieve the consistent results that you demand in your career and your life. Immersion Coaching as well as specialized curricula and coaching programs help you to push yourself to achieve your dreams.

2.  Conscious Leadership

Everyone has a vision, a dream, or something they want to say to the world. We live for this expression, just as we, some would say, are the expression of God. Expressing your vision is your birthright. Some people are passive in their expression. Leaders, however, have the  obligation to express their vision; they need to inspire a following. To realize maximum fulfillment, one’s vision, life mission and career should be aligned. Defining the vision clearly is integral to the mission. What do you want to express, create, or transform? 80% of mastering anything comes down to your psychology. Thus the more you know yourself, the more you can master leadership, sales, management and business overall. Lasting change in a business comes down to individuals. What do you need to do in order to create the change that your business needs and take your business to the next level? As Peter Drucker once said, business is only two things – Innovation and Marketing. All breakthroughs in business stem from new ideas and insights. And what changes your actions, are shifts in your psychology and emotion. Thus, the key to changing your business is changing yourself.

3.  Yoga Therapy

Psychosomatic health disorders all too frequently define the human condition and skills such as stress management are coming to be more and more in demand. A quick glance at  human resources agendas for companies as diverse as Microsoft, Google, Zapos, Starbucks and a host of others will reveal mindfulness to be one of the key training concepts each of these firms are incorporating into their training programs.  Everyone from students to housewives to anyone on any rung of the career ladder feels the stresses of the modern lifestyle and too often lack the skills to cope appropriately. Stress often leads to tension, tension to hypertension and worse; the body suffers greatly under the guidance of unbalanced mind. The ancient science of yoga can guide you back to the center. More than a simple routine of exercises to stretch and strengthen the limbs, yoga is the highest art of mind. Its original meaning, in Sanskrit, is union; yoga literally means to create the alignment of body, mind and spirit and join it in perfect balance with Nature. Yoga Therapy is the practice through which we begin to heal that which has become injured or imbalanced. It is a path which reminds us to nourish ourselves back to total health with a steady diet of mindfulness.

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Body Consciousness

4.   Conscious Yoga

Consciousness is the root of yoga and awareness is the result of the practice. In order to gain awareness, objectivity is the rule, in particular when regarding the self. If you are able to take a step back and objectify, it’s easier for you to create your life in the manner you wish. With the idea of ’being conscious’ always at the forefront of the teaching, ’UMA Conscious Yoga’ incorporates techniques from various Yoga Traditions (E.g. Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, etc) and creates a class that anybody can join with ease. Incorporating isometric resistance training, conscious yoga routines serve to strengthen the body at its core. Not being restricted to any one proper style or form, Uma Conscious Yoga allows for the individuality of the person, sometimes using a mat for floor exercises, and sometimes a chair. Any age and any level of body condition may join; this is not an ashtanga competition. The conscious yoga routines are here to encourage you to get back in touch with your own body while slowly, delicately allowing you to train your awareness on the way to total health and balance.

Returning Autumn 2017

5.  Health & Wellness Consultation 

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6.  Gyana Yoga

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7.  Tarot Analysis 

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