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Seven Steps to Samadhi Step One Module I ॐ MEDITATION


The most comprehensive meditation program available online.


The most comprehensive and effective guide to meditation available for beginners online, this bare-bones, professional program covers all of the fundamentals of first-time meditation in perfect detail, defining basic concepts, examining the proper tools to get comfortable and making everything clear from the start to lead the beginner into your first guided and solo meditations.

Meditation has traditionally been understood as the ‘goal’ of a yoga practice rather than its foundation. In this course I show you why meditation is precisely the study that you want to begin with when approaching the spiritual paths for the first time.

Similar to Vipissana, this observation-based journey of self-exploration focuses attention first on self-inquiry and the sensations created by the mind-body connection. But more than that, in the tradition of the Himalayan Yogin, I’m going to show you from the start how to dive deep into your being and discover yourself, immediately allowing you to unlock hidden potential and reveal unimaginable clarity. Meanwhile you will find your health improving and your stress reduced. The keys to relaxation and calm introspection will be given to you and channels of communication between your conscious and sub-conscious mind will open to provide inspiration and intuitive knowledge to aid you in your journey to full self-realization.

This training represents the first module of Step 1 in the Seven Steps to Samadhi, but even if Samadhi isn’t your goal – and let’s be honest, not everyone is looking for that – each Step has been designed to stand alone, immediately empowering and enabling you to achieve your own self-determined goals along your chosen path of mastery. Meditation will always be central to the goal and that’s why I’ve brought it up front and center in the beginning. Learn this one and all the rest fall smoothly into place!


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