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5 Minutes Late

/ / Reflections

 Lord don’t let me be even 5 minutes late,
for 5 minutes late is far too late.

5 minutes late in my realizations leads to
5 minutes late in my actions, which leads to
5 minutes late seeing the results and
sometimes that’s just far too late.

When He talks to me on the telephone,
would that I could catch His meaning in real time and
not 5 minutes late as is usually the case.

In real time, I might even have the presence of mind to
speak truth as We knows it but
in the meantime, I am far behind the time;

the mind races this way and that – incessantly.

This and that and
this and that.
And it compounds!

Time Illusion

Time Illusion

Minutes lead to days, days to years!

My Lord, please.
Don’t let me be even 5 minutes late.

When my baby has a gas build-up and
the mother cries in pain,
I need to know immediately that
Nitrogen and electro-magnetic waves might be the cause.

I need to put it all together with alacrity.
Delayed time tactics only lead to mediocrity but
I wanna dance with Serendipity and
feel the brush of her cheek in real time,

I’m 44 now, not another minute to waste;
and certainly not five of them.
These are the Word of the Lord.



Don’t fear the world; it isn’t there.
-Bono (Songs of Innocence)